Gabby’s Story


Hi! My name is Gabby! 
In 2016, I was diagnosed with an extremely rare blood disorder known as Factor VII Deficiency. Only 1 of 200 cases known worldwide! This is a lifelong illness that causes joints in my body to bleed and prevents my blood from clotting. In early 2017, a local news station did a few TV interviews with me and explained to the world how special I was. I received a lot of positive encouragement from people with bleeding disorders from all over!
Then, I thought about the other kids who had bleeding disorders too, and I was sad. I wanted to give back the abundant love that I was so blessed with to all of the children experiencing bleeding disorders. It started with sending cards, then donating toys to Children’s Hospitals, and now I have my very own foundation to help kids from all over the world!
Thank you so much for visiting my website! If you want to help me send my love all over, I encourage you to donate too!
Have a great day!