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What is Gabby's Love Foundation?

Gabby's Love Foundation is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to assisting children living with bleeding disorders.

We improve their lives by:

  • providing education to parents, family members and friends on how a child's bleeding disorder diagnosis can affect their lives, and to help them live longer, healthier and more productive lives;
  • helping to train experts in the field to properly identify and manage children with bleeding disorders;
  • advocating for patient rights; and
  • working with hemophilia treatment centers (HTC) to supply donations of toys for children being provided treatment for bleeding disorders;

How did Gabby's Love Foundation get started?

Gabby's Love Foundation was created after Gabby (see Gabby's Story) was diagnosed with a rare bleeding disorder known as Factor VII Deficiency.

Gabby's doctors informed her that she was the first patient that they had ever diagnosed, leading to issues getting proper treatment. When she was diagnosed, her parents immediately went to search out information on the bleeding disorder and ran into several stumbling blocks.

First, there was extremely limited data on the disorder. On checking NORD (National Organization for Rare Disorders) for their definition of Factor VII, Gabby's parents were stunned when their listed synonym of Alexander's disease brought them to a extremely rare, usually progressive and fatal, neurological disorder. As parents of a newly diagnosed, rare case, this was a bad case of mistaken moniker.

Second, Gabby had to endure several very long and dramatic trips to her hemophilia treatment center (HTC) for treatment. During these trips, she met with several children being treated for different diseases and disorders within their lives. As part of these treatment visits, she learned that her HTC was providing new toys to children who were also being treated, and that is where Gabby's love endured. She was so excited to be able to donate toys to her local HTC, and wanted to spread her love from there.

Third, with Gabby and her parents seeking out new information, they inevitably came to join their local hemophilia chapter. Here, they learned of different patients from all over facing different variations of bleeding disorders. While the chapters did a great job on assisting anyone with a bleeding disorder, the primary focus appeared to be on adults, and were generally limited to the state of the chapter. This is when Gabby's parents realized the need for focusing on children living with bleeding disorders, and breaking down any borders that surrounded them.

From here, Gabby's Love Foundation was created and founded in February, 2017.

What can I donate/give to Gabby's Love Foundation?

We are so grateful that you want to help Gabby's Love Foundation with it's mission!

There are several ways you can donate/give!

  • We accept monetary donations online through our charity partner, DonorBox
  • You can also mail donations direct to our office at: Gabby's Love Foundation, 14421 Winchester Grade Road, Suite 201, Berkeley Springs, WV 25411
  • Gabby's Love Foundation support bands and merchandise can be purchased through our online store, or by visiting one of our local retail partners!

We also accept "in-kind" donations! These are donations that you can ship directly to us to help support our mission. For instance, we accept new toys (with tags) all throughout the year, which we provide to hemophilia treatment centers (HTC) as gifts for children obtaining treatments. Other "in-kind" donations can be items, such as celebrity signed pieces (with a Certificate of Authenticity), local and national business items, and so much more that Gabby's Love Foundation will auction off at special events!

Please check out our Donate! page for more information about most current donating options, and see our Facebook Events page for upcoming events that you, or your business, could be part of!

How can I contact Gabby's Love Foundation?

We'd absolutely love to hear from you! No matter if you want to volunteer, donate or need a bit of assistance yourself finding the right answers, do not hesitate to contact us!

There are several ways to reach us: